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The Building Code and Compliance, does my stair comply?

Today, July 24th 2019 we received an updated copy of our Certificate Of Accreditation demonstrating enzie’s compliance with the 2018 National Construction Code of Australia (NCC). The updated certificate was warmly received by enzie as the last update was nearly 20 years ago. The reissuing of the certificate got us all reflecting on the compliance […]

Cleaning & Maintaining Your Timber Stairs

Incorporating elements of timber into your spiral staircase design is a popular way to add an element of authentic and warmth to the design.  It’s easy to understand why people love timber stairs: they add warmth, don’t harbour dust and dirt, are softer underfoot than steel and a great job hiding dust and dirt.  Whilst […]

Calculating Your Circular Stairs Dimensions & Design

Size matters The starting point for any spiral staircase design is establishing the ideal size for the application. Sometimes this size is dictated by the fixed dimensions of an existing opening. For example you might have an existing  opening that is 1300mm x 1500 mm. In which case, as a rule, the smaller of the […]

The enzie® Stairs Helical Staircase

What is a Helical Stair? A self-supporting sweeping or curved stair that unlike a spiral stair does not have a pole or column in the centre. If you have the space to play with, you really can’t go past the dramatic beauty of a helical staircase. Created without the central column, the helical stair has an […]

Enzie Stairs – Made in Australia

A few weeks ago an Enzie customer came in to out new factory to discuss is stairs. Being ever so proud of our new factory set up William invited the customer out into the factory to watch his (the customers) own treads being cut on the computerised CNC machine. Needless to say said customer was […]

Enzie Stairs and the different Handrail/Balustrade Options.

As I am sure you already know Enzie Stairs currently offers four different designs in their spiral stair range. In this article I thought we would focus on the Handrail/Balustrade options offered with in each series. Most of Enzie’s stairs have a modular Handrail/Balustrade system. Made in our Australian Factory, our stairs are designed on […]

6 Things To Think About When Purchasing A Staircase.

What is the Purpose of the Stair? What is the purpose of the stair is the first important question.  Of course the staircase is to allow people to traverse from one level to another.  However, the purpose of the stair could be a factor in the size and style of the staircase you purchase. One […]