enzie stairs offers a number of different standard stairs and diameters. In today’s blog post we thought we would discuss the different standard diameters and what each diameter is best suited for.

Most of these diameters are offered across all of the enzie Spiral Stair Series, the exception being the 2400 diameter stair which is not currently offered in the Classic Series. I should note here that Enzie can and does make custom diameter spiral stairs, so don’t be put off if you are looking for a larger, smaller or different diameter spiral stair case than is discussed in this article.

The 1300 Diameter Spiral Staircase

While enzie can and have made Spiral Staircases smaller than a 1300 diameter. The 1300 is the smallest standard stair currently on offer and has a 200 – 220mm riser height

Best Applications

The 1300 Diameter is best suited to going up or down to:

a. Study,

b. Mezzanine Area,

c. an Attic, or

d. a garage.

The 1500 Diameter Spiral Staircase

The 1500 diameter offers the same riser height as the 1300 and is suited all of the same applications. It must be said that if your space permits a 1500 diameter stair it is more comfortable than its smaller brother the 1300.

Best Applications

The 1500 diameter is also ideally suited to accessing:

a. an outside deck

b. a pool area

c. a single bedroom or small office

The 1750 and the 1880 Diameter

Both the 1750 and the 1880 diameter spiral stair come with a 178-190mm riser height. Both of these diameters have been popular in lofts and apartments, due to the fact that you can comfortably carry boxes and things up and down the spiral stair while not sacrificing precious floor space.

The 2000-2800mm diameters

Larger than 2000mm diameter stair is offered in both the Universal Spiral Stair Series and the Z Tread Spiral Stair Series. This diameter offers the ability to install an inner handrail on the staircase and still maintain a comfortable traveling area. The inner handrail gives uses the opportunity of having safe, two-way traffic, not available on the lesser stair diameters.

Helical Stairs

The Helical stair can be designed and made in any diameter so it has not been mentioned above.

Allowing for two way traffic this stair is suited to be used as a main stair in your home or even in a commercial setting.