Project Details

Nestled at the intersection of a typical Melbourne suburban block, Brush House challenges conventional subdivision patterns by seamlessly blending front and rear gardens into an expansive, unified landscape.

Exhibiting a forward-looking architectural approach, the residence showcases a fluid design with an expressive curved concrete facade and harmonious internal planning. Carved double-height openings not only provide solar protection but also frame the surrounding landscape, while an oculus skylight serves as a distinctive entry point.

Stair Details

  • Helical 5000/42
  • Carpet Treads
  • 35mm Thick Wall
  • Polished Plaster

The innovative use of concrete, a result of collaborative efforts among architect, engineer, and builder, gives rise to an aqueous form, transforming a basic construction process into a textured and highly expressive facade. Brush House pioneers a novel aesthetic in the streetscape, adding a contemporary layer to its contextual surroundings.


Internally, the spaces seamlessly flow, creating a fluid and generously comfortable environment. The design fosters a sense of sanctuary, offering cave-like cocooning that nurtures and protects the inhabitants, as expressed by the clients. The home’s design provides light, space, and versatile room layouts for studying, working, and playing—all within a secure, warm, and comfortable ambiance.


Incorporating sustainability measures and streamlined detailing to align with budget constraints, Brush House emerges as a serene refuge—a delicate equilibrium between mass and weightlessness embodied in its organic materiality. It stands as an exploration of form and light, characterized by a discerning restraint that defines its expressive yet understated nature. Brush House stands as an uncompromising and enduring architectural haven for families, poised to withstand the test of time.