Living Sculpture

Helical Stairs by enzie

The enzie® helical staircase without a central column overcomes the narrow part of the tread that traditionally occurs close to the column of a spiral stair. This enhances the safety of the staircase. Safety is further improved by the addition of an inner balustade providing a secure barrier.

The steel components of the enzie® helical staircase enables the stair to be self-supporting without wall fixings or bracings. This structural member allows the diameter of the staircase to be scaled to virtually any size allowing two-way traffic. A further benefit of our steel system is its ability to be used in internal or external applications allowing you to put an enzie® staircase just about anywhere.

  • Fully customisable Geometry

  • Available in a range of materials and finishes

Helical Stair Features

The charm of a helical stair is self-evident, the wonder of the way it floats and holds itself up without wall fixings or bracings gives the appearance of a stair which purely flows from one level to the next

Self-Supporting Structure

The steel in an enzie® helical staircase allows your stair to project into a room without the need for columns or wall support allowing your stair to form a sculptural feature.

Comprehensive Computer Design

The enzie® system is designed using the latest modelling software which enables you to view 3D models showing options to help you with the design process.

Multiple Flights

A limitless number of enzie® helical stairs can be placed above the next maximising the dramatic beauty and minimising spatial impact.

Evaluate Completed Design

As all enzie® Helical stairs are designed in 3D enzie can provide 3D models, drawings or even 3D printed models for review.


Computer Designed, Hand finished

Computer Design

Designed in 3D using custom made parametric Modelling software and produce using the Latest CNC Machinery

Hand Finished

enzie® Helical stairs are finished by hand on site ensure the cleanest possible lines

Plaster Balustrade Features

Seemless Plaster Ribben Balustrade

Absolutely smooth finish, No expansion joints, visible fixings, or grooves. Extend the plaster under the stair to the curved soffit or expose the underside of the treads to express the stepped structure

Comfortable to hold

The enzie® system allows you the flexibility to specify your balustrade thickness ranging 35mm up.

Polished Venetian Plaster

We offer polished or Venetian Plaster finishes. Polished plaster gives a finish that looks like polished marble, travertine, or limestone.

Metal Balustrade Features

Metal Balustrade – Impossibly Thin

A metal balustrade offers the thinnest possible balustrade solution. This balustrade can be finished in your choice of colours and as a solid wrap, a perforated or a custom designed laser cut solution of your own creation. For laser-cut balustrade ideas we suggest you explore the images of our smaller enclose series spiral staircase or talk to enzie® about the endless possibilities.

  • Available as thin as 4mm

  • Optional Handrails

  • Seemless Finish

  • Optional Patterns can be cut into the Balustrade

Glass Balustrade Features

Glass – The Ultimate in Transperency

Our glass solution is an elegant balustrade of curved toughened glass which wraps around the staircase offering beauty and simplicity which provides the ultimate security while allowing light and minimal spatial impact.

LED lighting

Your Glass balustrade can be illuminated via LED lights allowing a soft wash of light to flow up the balustrade.

Structural Glass

The option of SGP glass features a structurally rated interlayer between the glass laminations allowing installation without a handrail.

Tread Options

Closed Riser Option

A closed riser stair is a type of staircase where the vertical component (riser) between each step is enclosed or closed.

Closed riser stairs provide a uniform and solid appearance, allowing for a clean and streamlined aesthetic. This can contribute to a modern or contemporary aesthetic in interior design.

  • Option of sweeping curved soffit

  • Option of stepped underside of tread

  • Safety, Stability and Privacy Benefits

Tread Options

Open Riser Option

The absence of a closed or solid riser allows for better airflow and light distribution. Open riser stairs can contribute to a more spacious and airy feel in a room, making them ideal for smaller spaces or areas with limited natural light. Open riser stairs can be designed to take up less visual space. This makes them suitable for tight or compact areas where maximizing usable floor space is essential.

Architectural Interest

Open riser stairs add a level of architectural interest and uniqueness to a space.

Versatility in Materials

The open structure allows for a variety of materials to be used in the construction of the stairs.

Customise The Design

Materials That Matter

Australian Hardwoods

Compliment your Steel Spiral stair with an Australian Hardwood tread overlay. Choose your preferred material and finish if in a range of finishes including Anti-slip Wax, Tung Oil, Polyurethane or discuss your preferred finish with our estimator.

Australian Made Steel

Australia is recognised as a world leader in the use of high-tensile materials. At enzie we source our steel from Australian suppliers ensuring a high level of performance and longevity.



Fully Configerable Design.

Adjust the geometry to suit your needs and the project requirements. enzie® has over 50 years of specialist experience in designing and manufacturing code compliant curved stairs. Our comprehensive 3D modelling service allows us to adjust and clearly communicate the design to you and all relevant parties. If needed the site can be 3D scanned with the stair modelled included to ensure the perfect fit.

Overall Diaemter

enzie will work with you to match the stair’s diameter to the individual needs of the application.

Tread Width

The tread width can be increased to allow two-way traffic. The thin balustrade available on the enzie system allows for the tread width to be increased without increasing the overall footprint of the staircase.

Tread Depth

Our complex 3D modelling service ensures that tread depth is maximised but not at the expense of headroom or other spatial considerations.

Commerical Spaces

Suitable for Commerical Spaces

Whether you’re looking for a staircase for your office building, hotel, or wellness center, our helical stairs are the perfect choice. Our commercial stairs are crafted with high-quality materials to ensure they can withstand heavy foot traffic, meet safety codes, and provide long-lasting performance.

Commercial NCC Compliant Design

At enzie we have decades of experience in supplying and installing spiral stairs in commercial environments.