Project Details

  • Helical 8200/44
  • Concealed Intermediate Landing
  • Stone Treads
  • 260mm Thick Solid Wall
  • Polished Plaster
  • 50mm Vic Ash Handrail with intergrated LED light

Minicon Constructions

About the Project

Alba Thermal Springs in a physical embodiment of transformation and rejuvenation. Evolved from a former green wedge site, Alba Thermal Springs & Spa has become an immersive bathing and wellness destination, featuring 32 geothermal pools, water elements, and spa structures seamlessly integrated into the tertiary dune landscape.

The primary building gracefully emerges from the gentle undulations of the terrain, characterized by raw concrete to accentuate the organic essence of the site. The ribbed texture of the facade, along with bronze glass and metallic finishes, introduces a robust element that subtly complements the natural surroundings. Curved concrete walls define spaces, creating sunken courtyards and opportunities for interplay between light and shadow.

Internally, a minimalist design prevails with simple forms and a recurring circular motif. Curved walls, rounded windows, and expansive skylights punctuate the space, infusing it with natural light. A sculptural Helical staircase, rising from a reflective indoor pool, serves both as an artistic feature and a boundary marker between public and private spaces.

The use of raw materials is evident, featuring a hand-made Spanish brick tile-clad feature wall, concrete pillars, and softened flooring through touches of timber paneling. Elements from the native landscape, such as Bottlebrush seed pods, Eucalyptus gum nuts, and seashells, find subtle references in the relaxation lounge and spa treatment rooms. Natural, tactile materials and harmonious color palettes strengthen the seamless indoor/outdoor connection.

Positioning itself as a world-class wellness destination, Alba Thermal Springs & Spa harmoniously blends architecture, landscape, and environment. The holistic approach acknowledges the environmental intricacies of the site, capturing the ephemeral qualities of nature to provide a rejuvenating sensory experience.