Project Details

  • Classic 1500/14
  • Powdercoated Bright Yellow
  • EVA Rubber Treadpads
  • Classic H Series Balustraed
  • 19mm Handrail

ParkLife offers a northern view of Bulleke-bek Park and can be easily reached from Duckett Street to the south through a breezy walkway on the ground floor of the building. Renowned for its sustainability, this development boasts an impressive NatHERS rating of 9.1 stars, making it one of the most eco-friendly in Australia. The unique exterior of the building is adorned with highly insulated white steel, complemented by hooks, grilles, and rods that support the flourishing of vegetation. Deliberately designed communal spaces encompass generous outdoor areas between apartments on each level, along with a rooftop featuring a community amphitheatre that provides city views and houses productive gardens.