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What footing do I need for my spiral stair?2024-01-21T21:13:38+00:00

Timber and concrete floors are adequate (as shown on the data-sheet). External stairs need concrete footing for both the column and bottom post for classic series stairs or just under the column for the Universal series.

Are Spiral Stairs noisy?2024-01-21T21:09:58+00:00

Not the enzie® spiral stairs! Perfectly fitted folded steel components and soft tread pads make the spiral stair as quiet as a carpeted stair.

Can I put a gate on my enzie spiral stair?2024-01-21T21:09:19+00:00

Yes. enzie can supply top or bottom gates for our spiral staircases that can be closed with lock and key. They come with installation instructions.

Are enzie Spiral Stairs weatherproof?2024-01-21T21:08:03+00:00

For external use enzie spiral stairs are galvanised before being powder coated. However, as with any metal articles exposed to weather, preventative maintenance procedures must be followed to minimise corrosion problems. Refer to enzie Fact Sheet Cleaning and Maintenance of Steel Spiral Stairs. In severe marine environments Raw Hot Dip Gal, Aluminium or stainless steel should be considered.

Are Spiral Stairs legal in my council?2024-01-21T21:06:46+00:00

Yes! All enzie stairs comply with the Building Code of Australia. In fact enzie has so much experience and history with spiral stairs that when the Building code of Australia was codified in 1996 enzie was extensively consulted.

At what stage of my build should I install my spiral staircase?2024-01-21T21:05:11+00:00

As the enzie® spiral staircase is pre-finished, the best time to install it is after all the structural trades have finished and after the plastering is complete. We advise you to hold off on installing the staircase until the last possible moment

Can I move furniture up a Spiral Staircase?2024-01-21T21:02:20+00:00

This would have to be one of the most commonly asked questions. In short, yes. And no… and maybe. It depends on the design, size, and layout of the spiral staircase. The smaller the staircase the harder it is to move furniture up and down them. For example, you would struggle to move a double mattress up a small 1500-diameter staircase, but on a 3600mm diameter helical stair you could move a piano up and down it as effectively as you could on a traditional staircase. A scond consideration is the layout of the staircase and the walls around it. enzie has 40 years of experience without laying our spirals and will talk honestly with you about the pros and cons of all our staircase designs.

Finally, all enzie spiral stairs are modular and mechanically joined meaning that, if needs be, you can dismantle some or all of the balustrade to help you on the rare occasion that you decide to move the piano around.

Is a deposit required?2024-01-21T21:00:31+00:00

Generally not for our standard spiral staircase no deposit is needed, however, payment before delivery is required. The installation is paid for once the stairs have been fully installed.

How much do I need to fit a spiral staircase in?2024-01-21T20:59:33+00:00

From as small as 1.2 square meters. The space taken up by an enzie spiral stair will depend entirely on the size stair you choose. It can be as small as one square metre or as large as 7 square metres. This space is taken up on both floors. To determine the actual space used, you may use the free design service, phone 1800 035 078 to get started. We can give you advice on what is right for your particular application.

Will my stair comply with local building regulations?2024-01-21T20:58:31+00:00

Yes, all enzie spiral stairs comply with the Building Code of Australia.  The VBA has determined that the enzie spiral stair complies with the requirements of Clause DP2(c), DP3 Vol 1 and P2.5(b), P2.5.2 Vol 2 of the BCA. ’96 as adopted by the Building Regulations, (provided you use a stair suitable for the application). This applies equally to all states. Refer to relevant data sheets for building permit application approval. Follow the procedure set out on the enzie data sheets.

Is there a limit to how high a spiral stair can be built?2024-01-21T20:55:57+00:00

An enzie spiral stair is custom-made to suit your floor-to-floor height. There is no limit to the height of an enzie spiral staircase or Helical Staircase. However, building authorities may require a landing every 18 risers.  On a spiral staircase, we recommend increasing the column size of a spiral staircase depending on a number of factors such as the diameter, the number of fixings faces on the landing, and the floor fixing involved. enzie can assist you with specific information about all these variables as required for your application

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Customised Stairs by enzie

In addition to our standard range of styles finishes and geometry enzie makes bespoke solutions and designs. To fin our more you should speak to our designers on 03 9481 2255.

Complience Questions

All enzie stairs comply with the BCA. But there is more to deigning safe suitable stairs than just meeting code. enzie has over 40 years of experience in designing safe space efficient spiral stairs. Speak to us to find out more.

More than just spiral stairs

We also design and manufacture Roof Space Ladders and we are an agent for Velux Roof Windows.

Proudly Australian Made

An enzie spiral staircase is made right here in Australia. This not only assures you of the highest quality materials and finishes but gives the flexibility of having parts custom made to suit your particular application

Not “just a kit stair”

An enzie spiral staircase is modular not a one size fits “all” solution. Each enzie® spiral staircase is made to order so that the floor to floor height suits your particular application and the design, materials and finishes are to your specifications.

This enables us to use Steel or timber handrails rather than a PVC or plastic adjustable handrail. If it’s an enzie® spiral then it’s built to your specifications.

More than just spiral stairs

We also design and manufacture Roof Space Ladders and we are an agent for Velux Roof Windows.

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