Bryan Mackenzie, fitter and turner, created an entire business with an idea in steel.

When Bryan decided to build a spiral staircase to the cellar of his home he had no idea he was creating a revolutionary new building product. His unique modular design was so simple and so elegant that he was soon making them for friends and 35 years later the stairs are used throughout Australia and exported to Australasia, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

“Spiral Staircases have been around since the year dot”

Bryan is the first to acknowledge that spiral staircases are nothing new. The trouble is that the originals were made from stone while later structures were cast iron. What Bryan has done is brought the spiral staircase up to date in construction and price.

“In your boot and up in a day”

The use of steel has resulted in simple, mechanical jointing details so that handymen as well as builders and renovators can assemble the staircase in a day. The staircase is made up to fit exactly your specific floor-to-floor height from stock components and spacers. enzie® spiral staircases are manufactured entirely from steel so they will never warp, twist or crack like conventional wooden stairs. It’s our guarantee.

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