The Z Tread Range of spiral stairs

Closed Treads and Risers

The Z tread offers an alternative, closed riser design, a very substantial stair that can be used as a partition or to divide a room. The treads can be covered in almost any floor covering. The stepped appearance of the top of the tread is mimicked underneath adding to the style of the stair. The closed tread is great for people who want a more solid look to their stairs. The closed riser is also required for Commerical applications. As such the Z tread series of stairs can be made in diameters as larger as 3 meters

  • Closed Risers Treads

  • Suitable for Commerical Applications

  • Perfect for Large Diameters

Tread Options

The Z Tread

The closed riser offers an increased sense of safety and security. It is often required for Commercial jobs but is popular in residential jobs too. It is especially popular on large-diameter stairs where toe room isn’t a concern and where the closed risers and stepped underside offer a distinctive look.

Make the tread your own by choosing your combination of materials and finishes

Antislip Painted Treads

Quiet, safe and and easily replaced

Timber Treads and Risers

Your choice of timber, Autrlian Hardwards or Engineereed board, it;’s up to you

Timber Treads and Risers

Anti-Slip Paint

Balustrade Options

3 Options for your Enclose Balustrade

Designed to compliment the solid treads and riser our Enclose wrap balustrade accentuates the spiral shape and provides safety and security. Choose between a solid wrap, a perforated wrap or you can express your individuality by having enzie laser-cut a pattern or design into the balustrade. The only limitation is your imagination.

Solid Enclose Balustrade

Elegantly wrap your spiral stair with enzie‘s solid aluminium balustrade. This substantial balustrade offers unmatched privacy, security and simplicity.

Perforated Enclose Balustrade

Add an element of transparency with a perforated enclose balustrade. The spacing of our perforations offer a balance between transperency and privacy

Custom Pattern Balustrade

Laser-cutting technology allows you to make your stair unique by allowing any shape, pattern or picture to be cut into the enclose balustrade. Create own, or choose from a range of enzie patterns.

Customise The Design

Materials That Matter

Australian Hardwoods

Compliment your Steel Spiral stair with an Austrlian Hardwood tread overlay. Choose your prefeered material and finsih if in a range of finsihes including Antislip Wax, Tounge Oil, or Polueterian

Australian Made Steel

Australia is recognised as a world leader in the use of high-tensile materials. At enzie we source our steel from Australian suppliers ensureing a high level of performemce and longevity

Complimentory Colour

A wide range of decorator colours meets almost every decorating situation … blend the stair in a monochromatic scheme, dramatically contrast with bold colours or elegantly complement.

Keep it Natural

Leave your stair raw, either in Black steel, or Galvinised steel and enjoy the patina that appears as it ages.

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Information and Downloads

1500 mm 1750 mm 1880 mm 2000 mm Custom mm
  • 19mm Powdercoated Steel
  • 19mm Stainless Steel
  • 32mm Powdercoated Steel
  • 32mm Stainless Steel
  • 38mm Timber Handrail
  • 50mm Timber Handrail
  • Custom Timber Profiles
Customised Solutions

Commercial Applications

The closed riser of the z-Tread and it’s availbility in very large diameters make this the perfect stair for Commerical Applications. An optional internal handrail with extensions at the top and bottom assita with DDA complience.

  • Availible in Large diamters to suit Commercial Applications

  • Optional Internal Handrail
  • Optional Handrail Extensions for Commercial Compliacnce


The curved nature of spiral stairs provides a handrail in front of you whilst moving up and down the staircase. Antiskid treatment on the tread prevents slipping. The safety of the system is endorsed by the Building Control Commission with an Accreditation Certificate issued under the BCA. Approval from Absac (CSIRO) further endorses the safety, design and quality of the system


enzie®‘s lifetime guarantee is your assurance of the enzie® commitment to quality and service. In the unlikely event of any defect becoming apparent in the enzie® stair due either to faulty material or workmanship, such defect will be rectified without cost to you for either labour or material by enzie® or its authorised dealers.
This guarantee is subject to conditions, ask your enzie® representative for more information


enzie staircases can be supplied with an installation Video and full instructions. Installation of a 2.8 meter spiral stair and balcony railing should take approximately 1 man day for a competent home-handyman or tradesman. Assistance is only a phone call away on our Advisory Line 1800 035 078.


An enzie Spiral Staircase is design to meet your exact requirments and is accuratly design to fit your specific space and to comply with the Building Code of Australia. We can design, fabricate and install your stair for you or supply you with a cutom made kit for easy installation.