Spiral Staircase Details:

  • Classic 1500/14
  • Powdercoated Black Ace
  • EVA Black Treadpads
  • H Series Balustrade
  • 19mm Handrail
  • Powdercaoted Black Ace

Spiral Staircase Details:

Constructed by Sibbel Builders in 1968, this residence underwent restoration guided by the philosophy of gentle intervention. The aim was to approach the original building with sensitivity, preserving its essence without imposing any distinct Pleysier Perkins style. Delicate care was taken to meticulously repair all surfaces, and new joinery was crafted by repurposing materials from existing damaged joinery.

After four years, the expanding family required more space, both indoors and outdoors. The subsequent addition occupies a mere 9m/2 on the ground floor, with a new sleeping wing gracefully extending above the garden and swimming pool.


Access to the upper level was achieved via a classic series spiral staircase powder coated in Black Ace. In keeping with the original design of the house the tread surface was selected were black EVA Rubber treadpads. These treadpads maintain the simple clean lines of the classic series.


The landing on the upper level was set down to allow the carpet to seamlessly run over the top of it resulting in a “built in” look integrating the landing into the upper level.