Project Details

This outstanding residential marvel, meticulously crafted by Webster Architecture, establishes a fresh benchmark for contemporary living. Grace and ingenuity seamlessly intertwine throughout this chic abode. With a clever design, the house features a mesmerizing three-level spiral staircase that functions as a focal point, providing both practicality and aesthetic allure. The dwelling is a display of intelligent architecture, showcasing a meticulously planned basement and a theater room that cleverly harnesses natural light, fostering a warm and welcoming ambiance. Embracing the notion of seamless indoor-outdoor living, the property incorporates integrated gardens that surround the space, while a sparkling pool harmonizes with the environment.

  • Helical 3400/26
  • Engineerred Timber Treads and Riser
  • Smooth Plaster Soffit
  • 110mm thick wall
  • 32mm diamter Handrail