Since 1974 Enzie Space Saving Stairs have been manufacturing stairs in Australia. This is why the Enzie name is synonymous with Spiral Stairs in Australia, and is often seen as the leader but also an authority in its market.

Since its inception, Enzie Space Saving Spiral Stairs has manufactured its stairs in Melbourne, for themselves only, and do not manufacturer stairs for any other business; no matter what their competitors my say.

As the leader in spiral stairs in Australia, Enzie pride themselves on their product and their service.

One of the challenges of being a leader in any industry is that other people and competitors will try to copy you – William Mackenzie said.

Enzie recently came across a competitor who not only misled prospective clients by saying that they purchased their product from the same factory as Enzie used, but they had also taken photos and content copy directly from our website. And were ‘passing themselves off’ as Enzie.

This can be both flattering and frustrating at the same time. – William Mackenzie said. Though we also recognize that we, Enzie, are not alone in this challenge, we are not the first and we won’t be the last company to experience competitors passing themselves off as someone they are not.

Another challenge is that Enzie faces is that because their brand is so synonymous with spiral stairs, some interested customers do not actually realise that Enzie is a company and not another name for spiral stairs. This was born out recently when after going to a competitor and nearly purchasing an alternative spiral stair. After speaking with their architect the client contacted Enzie;

The Client said – I thought that Enzie was to Spiral Stairs as GladWrap is to cling wrap. I was unaware that Enzie was an actual company.

It must be said that Enzie was very pleased that she did indeed purchase a genuine Enzie Spiral Stair, and was thrilled with her purchase. Unlike another customer who recently turned up in tears, in Enzie’s showroom, after purchasing a competitors product. So disappointed with her purchase, she approached Enzie to remove her recent purchase and install a brand new Enzie Spiral stair. William’s final comment summed it up best when he said

Really all we can do at Enzie is keep doing what we do best and that is make the best Spiral Stairs cases that we can, and deliver the best customer service that we can. Plus we are in the process of improving our internet presence so that interested people can find us hopefully more easily.