What Defines a Helical Stair?

A Helical stair is a cruved stair which doesn not haev a column up the center to support the staicase. It us usally continusoulsy

A self-supporting sweeping or curved stair that unlike a spiral stair does not have a pole or column in the centre.

A Helical stair is a curved stair which does not have a column up the centre to support the staircase and the take the form of a flowing arc. It us usually continuously curving and can be described as having a DNA shape to it.

If you have the space to play with, you really can’t go past the dramatic beauty of a helical staircase. Created without the central column, the helical stair has an inner and outer handrail, plus it no longer has the narrow part of the tread that occurs close to the column of a spiral stair, both these features allow for two-way traffic.

Helical or curved staircase are ideal for large scale spaces such as commercial properties, showrooms, offices, Hotel Lobby’s, and other public spaces. They also make statements in residential applications. Helical staircases are a statement, frequently used as a primary staircase or feature staircase.


By combining various materials and designs the possibilities for helical staircases are almost unlimited.

How does it differ from a Spiral Stair?

Spiral stairs are designed to rotate around a central column. Whereas, a Helical stair has an internal ribbon balustrade in lieu of the column.

Spiral Staircase

Helical Stair

This difference allows Helical stairs to be made much larger than Spiral stairs. Whereas Spiral stairs are popular in diameters between 1.3m-2m Helical stairs generally start at 2m and scale up from there.

Why choose an enzie Stairs Helical Stair?

An enzie Stairs Helical Staircase is built from a hybrid of Steel and Timber allowing extremely tight tolerances and fine details. The enzie system is also entirely modular allowing components to be carried into awkward location without the needs for cranes or lifting equipment. Unlike many other helical stair cases that are delivered fully constructed and then need to be craned into place

enzie Stairs is one of the very few companies in the world to make a modular, easy to erect Helical Stair case. Our modular design allows our Helical staircase to can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Recently enzie Spiral Stairs shipped a Helical staircase to the USA, when our installers arrived onsite to start installing, they found that the builders, who had been so excited and curious had unpacked the treads and already installed them.

When asked why they had not waited they said we were just too excited and wanted to see if it really fitted together as you said it would. For the rest of the install the other trade kept popping past to see the balustrading and Handrail being finished.

As this job had been quite a large commission William travelled to the USA to make sure the architect and client were happy. In a conversation William asked the architect why they had chosen to go with enzie Stairs, an Australian Company from the other side of the world, to which the architect answered

‘When we did all of our research into companies that supplied Helical Stairs we found enzie® Stairs was the only company that we found with a modular Helical Stair system that met our requirements.’