What is the Purpose of the Stair?

What is the purpose of the stair is the first important question.  Of course the staircase is to allow people to traverse from one level to another.  However, the purpose of the stair could be a factor in the size and style of the staircase you purchase. One client may want the staircase to be an architect statement piece, while another client might want the staircase to fade into the background or not to be seen at all.

How will the stair be used? – Is it to access bedrooms, a study a garage etc?

Each answer to these questions will govern what type and size of the staircase you should purchase.

What is the Climate and External Environment like Where your Staircase is to go?

The climate where your staircase is to be situated in, dictates the type of finish on your staircase. It is not just whether your staircase is going to be inside or out, but whether you are close to the sea or not, can be factor when thinking about your stair purchase. If you are close to the sea or live in a harsh environment, you may be required to think more deeply about the finishes on your staircase.

How much space do I have to my stair in? Or put another way how much space will my staircase take up?

 If you are purchasing a spiral staircase, the diameter of the staircase will dictate how much space you require.

Is the stair made to order?

Enzie Spiral staircases are manufactured to individual requirements. Each of our spiral staircases are made to order ensuring that you get the staircase to suit your needs.

Not only that Enzie Stairs have at least 4 different styles of spirals staircases. Each Spiral staircase design also has several options in materials and finishes to have your stair made out of along with numerous colours, balustrade option and in some cases tread options. With all these options you truly get to feel like you have designed your own unique stair to suit your house.

Is the company an Australian Company and is the stair Australian Made?

Enzie Stairs is not only a fully owned Australian company; we also have a physical showroom and factory in Reservoir, Victoria. Yes, your stair is actually made right here in Australia. So if in the future you require extra parts etc, they are here in Australia making supply quick and easy.

Not only are the stairs made here Enzie Stairs  designed the staircases they are selling. Unlike other companies Enzie Stairs do not sell another companies Spiral Stair products; and it is not just the stairs but all the components are designed by us. Yes you can actually ring and speak to the person who designed your staircase.

Is the stair modular?

Yes. Enzie Spiral Staircases are modular.

This makes the staircase easy to transport, easy to install and if in the future you need to move it, it is easy to take down and re-assemble in another location.

Each of our staircases comes as a complete kit. This saves you money whether you want to install the stair case yourself or we install the staircase for you, as all the components are pre-made and finished to reduce time on the job. With each stair case we manufacturer we include specialist tooling and comprehensive easy to follow instructions on how to install your staircase.