Creative Space Saving Stairs and Their Visual Impact On a Room.

Spiral Stairs are considered a great saver of the physical space in a room. With diameters starting at 1070mm there is no smaller permeant safe access stairs available on the market. But what about their visual impact on room? What do we mean by visual impact on the size of the room?

Visual Impact.

For the purpose of this article lets define what we mean by “visual impact on the size of the room”. Your stair can be designed with differing level of transparency. You can adjust the transparency depending on how much you want to impact upon the room. In small rooms it is desirable to have a very transparent stair which helps gives the room the appearance of being bigger.

By considering up the stair design, materials colours you can completely transform how that stair will perform. There is a lot to consider with the layout of your stair so we alway suggest you consult with an expert. That said, we offer some tips below with regards to designing a staircase that is right for you and your home.

Classic Series

The Classic series of stairs is great for this with is tapered tread and lightweight thin balusters and handrail. You can increate the transparency further by choosing darker colours or perforated steel treads.

Make it clear

An other options is to incorporate transparent elements like glass in the staircase design such as the Lucinda balustrade or even Glass Treads

Make an Impact

An alternative to the transparent stairs that might be preferable in smaller rooms you might prefer to make a bigger visual impact by installing a more solid looking stair. The Universal Series of stair is built which a thicker tread than the classic Series. It can be matched with a solid Balustrade an a heavier handrail for a more substantial looking stair.

The Z-Tread takes it one step further by incorporating a solid tread and riser. This makes seeing though the staircase impossible. This stair is great for large rooms or for where the staircase needs to act as a visual barrier