All enzie stairs have been designed to exceed the load requirements of relevant Australian Standards. At enzie we often get asked “How much load can your stair take”. Whilst we do have Engineering computation available by request, our simple response is often that there is no practical limit to the stair, i.e. you will run out of room of the stair before you exceed the load limit of the stair. We describe it like this because we feel it’s a simple way of expressing the performance of the system without quoting kilonewtons and reactions. We also think the visual image 15 or so people trying to squeeze onto a small spiral stair is quite an interesting one.

We were delighted recently when we can across the above image of our 8 meter diameter Helical stair installed at Alba Thermal Springs with over 100 people on it. This large stair has a tread width of over 1.6m enabling 3 abreast across the tread. We think it’s a wonderful practical demonstration of our long running description of the load capabilities of our stairs