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10 Reasons To Choose An Enzie Staircase.

Reason One Enzie has been around since 1974, and are the market leader in the Spiral Stair space in Australia. Why do you care about how long the company has been about? Because our longevity and that fact that we are still here after 45 years means that you can rest easy. Reason 2. Guaranteed […]

Enzie Stairs and the different Stair Treads on Offer

Enzie Stairs currently offers four different designs in their spiral stair range. For an over overview of the range go to.  In this article I thought we would focus on the Spiral Stir Treads and the differences in each series. Classic Spiral Stair Series A distinct feature of the Enzie Classic Series Range is the […]

The Baton passes from Father to Son.

In 2016, Enzie Spiral Stairs not only had a slight name change the running of the 42 year old company seamlessly passed from Bryan Mackenzie (founder of the company) to his son William Mackenzie. While Bryan has maintained a presence in the company, he was always confident that William would be able to handle the […]

The Hostile Seaside

  The most attractive areas for building a dwelling can also be the most hostile environments for building materials. Australians love the coast, but the onshore breezes create corrosion problems that don’t exist even a few kilometers from the sea. While once upon a time people expected their cars to rust, their homes to be […]

Supernormal Staircase

Our brilliantly Red Helical stair features at Supernormal restaurant and Bar in Flinders Lane, leading guests down to a private dining and Karaoke Room. Be sure to give it a go (the stair, not the Karaoke).