Question 1 – How high can an Enzie Stair case go?

An Enzie Spiral Stair is made to suit your floor to floor height. There is no limit to the height you can go. However, the building authorities may require a landing every 18 risers.

Question 2 – Will my Enzie Stair comply with the building regulations?

The short answer is – Yes.

The longer answer is – The Building Control Accreditation Authority has determined that the Enzie Spiral Stair complies with the requirements of Clause DP2©, DP3 Vol1 and P2.5(b), P2. 5.2 Vol 2 as adopted by the Victorian Building regulations Registration Number V97/04, (providing you use a stair suitable for the application).

You can take advantage of the free design service we provide to help with this process,

Question 3 – What area of living space am I going to lose if I install an Enzie Stair?

The space taken up by an Enzie Spiral Stair will depend entirely on the size of the stair and the design that you choose. The space that the Spiral staircase will take up is reflected in the diameter of the spiral staircase. It should be noted that this space taken up on both floors. To determine the actual space used, you may use the free design tool on the website or our free design service. This will give you all the measurements you need plus a design of the layout on both levels.

Question 4 – Is a deposit required?

A deposit is not generally needed if you are purchasing one of our spiral staircases; however, payment before delivery is required.

If you are looking to purchase a Helical staircase a deposit will be required.

Question 5 – Is it a one size fits all kit solution?

No. Enzie Spiral staircases are modular in design, however each spiral stair case is custom made to order.

Question 6 – Can I install my Enzie spiral stair myself?

Of course! Any competent handyman or builder would be able to follow our installation instructions for our spiral stairs. Plus, help is always just a phone call away. Enzie also offer an installation service.

Question 7 – What type of footing will I need?

Timber and concrete floors are adequate (see our data sheets). External stairs may need concrete footings for both the column and bottom posts.

Question 8 – When is the ideal time to install my Enzie Spiral Stair?

As the Enzie spiral stair case is pre-finished, the best time to install it is after all the dirty trades are finished and the plaster, that is the fixing stage.

Question 9 – Is the landing supplied?

Internal Enzie Spiral Staircase landings are constructed from 90mm x 45mm pine framing with particle board on top. This material is not normally supplied unless Enzie has arranged installation. In this case the landing is fixed, but not lined or trimmed. Pre-fabricated steel landings may be used inside, but a template is necessary to ensure accuracy of the fabrication.

External Enzie Spirals staircases can be fitted with a timber landing as an extension of a timber deck or with a prefabricated steel landing.

Question 10 – Are Enzie Stairs Weatherproofed?

For external use Enzie Spiral staircases can be made from a few different materials. The decision on which material to use will depend on the external environment conditions where your spiral staircase will live.

Refer to the Enzie Fast Sheet Cleaning and Maintenance of Steel Spiral Stairs and ‘The Hostile Environment Article’ for more information.