Project: Fendalaton House – Christchurch

Z Tread 2200/14

Blackbutt Treads and risers with a White Satin Powder-coated Balustrade

  Z 2200/14 Spiral Staircase with Oak Treads and Riser

Following the  Christchurch earthquake of 2011, a two-level, early 20 century  home was damaged beyond repair and was subsequently demolished. A new home was required within the footprint of the original. The established garden  was to remain untouched for the new home. Elements such as sitting and space, were asked to form part of the new design due to the residents long established connection to the site

The new home looks to honour the memory of spatial relationships, outlook and form of the original home, by enhancing and celebrating these conditions. For the owner, the home looks to cross the divide from historic (memory) to imminent (future).

The stair was designed with custom geometry and a non standard diameter. This was done in order to meet the particular requirements of the New Zealand code.. The larger diameter and the earthquake requirements of this site dictated the need to a larger than standard column to be used on the stair . This column was well proportioned to the overall scale of the stair that the design requirements dictated.

A consequence of this custom geometry was an unusual entry point to the staircase where the user has to walk around the stair before climbing it. Whilst usual it made for a dramatic visual presence in the room.

Oak treads and risers were sourced from New Zealand to match the existing flooring in both texture and colour