Project Details

Victoria & Burke is a multi-residential project set on a unique corner site, wrapping around a grand gumtree.

Residents embark on a captivating journey as they approach the primary entrance, meandering through an expansive communal garden adorned with the striking canopy of a gumtree. The landscaping, skillfully curated by Jack Merlo, harmonizes with the grandeur of the ancient tree. The design objective focused on seamlessly integrating planters along the building, creating a layered effect that softens the foregrounded interior view with lush greenery. Upon arrival, a robust, curved white plasterboard staircase gracefully winds around itself, enhanced by concealed lighting that imparts a floating illusion, guiding residents up the three floors.

An unusual aspect of this staircase is it’s requirement for a combination of straight and curved treads. This provides challenges with commercial Helical staircases ranging from compliance to structural performance. enzie worked closely with the Architect, Builder, Building surveyor, and DDA consultant to come up with a design that satisfied all parties. A number of measures were taken to achieve compliance including ensuring that the going and slope relationship was consistent on the walking line of the stair. In addition, lighting was added to the stairs as well as a wall-mounted handrail with commercial extensions as per code requirements.

Structurally the stair took advantage of the curved wall to provide support for the staircase minimalizing cost in comparison to alternative measures such as an additional heavy gauge steel stringer. The wall was constructed from lightweight steel channel that was insufficient to support the staircase. A plan was made to engage enzie once the lift shaft wall behind the curved wall had it’s fireproof membrane installed. Enzie then installed steel support running from floor to just below level 3. These supports were then concealed being the curve wall and eventually connected to the stair once the stair was installed. The approach took a significant amount of communication between a number of parties but resulted in the stair being installed at a reduced cost without compromise to aesthetic or performance.