Enzie Stairs and the different Stair Treads on Offer

Enzie Stairs currently offers four different designs in their spiral stair range. For an over overview of the range go to.  In this article I thought we would focus on the Spiral Stir Treads and the differences in each series.

Classic Spiral Stair Series

A distinct feature of the Enzie Classic Series Range is the design of the tread. The tread starts from 133mm high at the Column and tapers to almost nothing to the Balusters, where the tread appears to vanish. This design creates a very ‘lightweight’ look, without sacrificing the strength or noise absorption.

The tread itself can be made in a number of different steel materials and our customers are also able to utilise a wide range of timbers should they want a timber overlay on their stair.

Universal Spiral Stair Series

Here at Enzie Spiral Stairs we believe the range of tread choices, in the Universal Spiral Stair Series, is unsurpassed. As you can see from the pictures below there is a choice of at least six different material choices, though not shown here is a concrete option; then within those different material choices you have further selection to make. All of which allows our customers to blend the stair case into its environment by having the same materials in the treads as that which they have used elsewhere in their project.

The glass tread has the added benefit of allowing light into the stairwell.

The Z Tread Spiral Staircase

Our new kid on the block the Z Tread Spiral Staircase offers a closed riser design. This closed tread is great for people who want a more solid look and feel to their stair. These treads can be covered in almost anything floor covering, with the stepped appearance of the top of the tread mimicked below

Enzie’s different Stair Diameters and their Suitable Applications

Enzie stairs offers a number of different standard stairs and diameters. In today’s blog post we thought we would discuss the different standard diameters and what each diameter is best suited for.

Most of these diameters are offered across all of the Enzie Spiral Stair Series, the exception being the 2400 diameter stair which is not currently offered in the Classic Series. I should note here that Enzie can and do make custom diameter spiral stairs, so don’t be put off if you are looking for a larger, smaller or different diameter spiral stair case than is discussed in this article.

The 1300 Diameter Spiral Staircase

While Enzie  can and have made Spiral Staircases smaller than a 1300 diameter. The 1300 is the smallest standard stair currently on offer and has a 200 – 220mm riser height

Best Applications

The 1300 Diameter is best suited to going up or down to:

 a. Study,

 b. Mezzanine Area,

 c. an Attic, or

 d. a garage.

The 1500 Diameter Spiral Staircase

The 1500 diameter offers the same riser height as the 1300 and is suited all of the same applications. It must be said that if your space permits a 1500 diameter stair it is more comfortable than its smaller brother the 1300.

Best Applications

The 1500 diameter is also ideally suited to accessing:

a. an outside deck

b. a pool area

c. a single bedroom or small office


The 1750 and the 1880 Diameter

Both the 1750 and the 1880 diameter spiral stair come with a 178-190mm riser height. Both of these diameters have been popular in lofts and apartments, due to the fact that you can comfortably carry boxes and things up and down the spiral stair while not sacrificing precious floor space.

The 2400 Diameter

The 2400 Diameter stair is offered in both the Universal Spiral Stair Series and the Z Tread Spiral Stair Series. This diameter offers the ability to install an inner handrail on the staircase and still maintain a comfortable travelling area. The inner handrail gives uses the opportunity of having safe, two way traffic, not available on the lesser stair diameters.

Helical Stairs

The Helical stair can be designed and made in any diameter so it has not been mentioned above.

Allowing for two way traffic this stair is suited to be used as a main stair in your home or even in a commercial setting.

The Baton passes from Father to Son.

In 2016, Enzie Spiral Stairs not only had a slight name change the running of the 42 year old company seamlessly passed from Bryan Mackenzie (founder of the company) to his son William Mackenzie. While Bryan has maintained a presence in the company, he was always confident that William would be able to handle the running of the business and why wouldn’t he be.

William started working part- time in the business when he was three years old, when he was paid 2 cents per pin. Throughout his school years William worked in the factory, on weekends and school holidays wherever he was needed, learning all facets of the business from his father.

After going to University and studying psychology and working as a tour guide on the Trans-Sybrian railway. William returned to Australia in 2005 and began working full-time at Enzie stairs in the area of Business development, while continuing to learn all about all facets of the business.

So in 2016 when Bryan wanted to go in to semi-retirement it only made sense to hand the reins over to William. One of the first things that William invested in was a CNC machine, making the Pin Cell redundant.

“I think that ever since I was three years old. I have been determined to find an alternative to the work that was carried out in Pin Cell. With the purchase of the new CNC in 2016 I found that alternative,” laughs William. “Seriously though, investing in machinery and automation helps Enzie Stairs improve it manufacturing process and quality, and the purchasing of CNC machine was the first step.”

Moving forward in the next few years it is expected that Enzie will be investing in a number of new technologies, processes and machines. This is a very exciting time for Enzie, we can’t wait to see what is coming next.  Keep an eye out in this space.