Making an Inquiry.

So you are interested in purchasing a stair, feel free to contact us with all your questions. We love to talk stairs and we welcome every opportunity to do so . Whether it is just a general question or you are looking for specific information we are happy to answer all your the questions.

The Design.

The Design stage is an interactive one between our Enzie representative and you the customer. The idea is for you (the customer), to explore the different staircase options available for the diameter and layouts. Other considerations are the location of the stair and options such as balustrading, finishes, timber selection if appropriate and colour.

The Quote

Once the design has been decided upon, the Enzie representative will create a quotation of cost for your spiral staircase.  The quotation will list all of your Customer selections for your  spiral staircase.

If you the customer is unsure, it is possible to get a few different quotes on the different options you are interested in, to help you make a decision.

At this stage a site visit may be arranged, though at this stage it is not always necessary and a quotation can be created from plans and drawings.

Things to note at this stage:

  • The quotation price has an expiration date and is good for three months only
  • When a site check is carried out the price of the stair may change slightly if the floor to floor height is not as listed on the quote.

Check Measure

Before your Spiral Staircase can be scheduled for production, a site check by the installer is carried out. The installer will check:

  • The floor to floor height has not changed
  • The area where the spiral stair is suitable
  • That there is sufficient space for the staircase to fit.

Your Staircase is Made

Yes it is manufactured here in out Melbourne Factory. Before we start to manufacture your stair case, Sarah in the office will give you a call to see if you are ready to accept your stair. She will send you a copy of your invoice and may ask you to pay for your staircase.  Because we believe in the “Just In Time Principles’ we do not like to make stairs that cannot be delivered to site once manufacturing is completed.

We also will be arranging for the installation of your staircase with our installers once your stair is complete

Delivery and Installation

Your stair case may be picked up or we can arrange for your staircase to be delivered onsite. Your staircase must be fully paid for before it will leaves our factory.