Project: Merricks – Custom Pattern Balustrade

Universal Enclose 1880/16

Highly detailed custom Enclose Balustrade


Universal Enclose 1880/16 Teak Tread

The project brief for this one was equal parts counting and exciting and lead to one of the most exciting spiral stair creations that we’ve made at enzie. Numerous design suggestions were bandied about, Lucinda Glass, Core 10 Steel, Stainless Steel, Timber…. The lot, before the final decision were made. The brief was to make a spiral stair which would be a statement and a showpiece in the large courtyard at the back of a beautiful house on the hill at Merricks. Timber treads that would silver as they age were requested as was a design that would enhance the tree lined backdrop to the property.

The spiral stair specification went around in circles a few times, and finally landed on a Universal Enclose design with Teak Treads and a custom designed Balustrade. A significant of balcony railing was also designed to run across the balcony. This balustrade was to be backlight at night to make a real feature of it.

The end result was spectacular. The balustrade design is exciting to look at and doesn’t overwhelm the eye. The timber treads on the spiral stair were corked in black to provide anti-slip and to allow expansion and contraction in the canning environment at Merricks. Study balustrade sees if you can spot the Owl looking back at you.