Incorporating elements of timber into your spiral staircase design is a popular way to add an element of authentic and warmth to the design.  It’s easy to understand why people love timber stairs: they add warmth, don’t harbour dust and dirt, are softer underfoot than steel and do a great job hiding dust and dirt.  Whilst over time timber stair will occasionally scratch or mark, the effect is gentle and is often to their patina, giving them a well-loved lived-in appeal.

Why it’s important  to clean timber treads

In order to get maximum life out of your timber treads you will require some care and maintenance.  There are some natural enemies of Timber treads on stairs which should be avoided”

  • Excessive water
  • Excessive sunlight
  • Heavy impact with hard objects

Cleaning is easier, most of the time a light dust is all that’s is required. This is important to regularly remove build up that could cause scratches. A soft-bristled broom, vacuum or electrostatic mop are your best options. The standard enzie finish on our treads is a water based polyurethane. This finish can be cleaned with a damp mop when required. As they always say it’s best to test the cleaning product on a discrete part of the timber staircase before applying. When using the mop be sure to wring out your mop well. Also pay attention not leave pools of water behind that might cause the timber to warp.

With regular maintenance your timber staircase well you will give you years of service and will only improve with age.