The enzie® Stairs Helical Staircase

What is a Helical Stair?

A self-supporting sweeping or curved stair that unlike a spiral stair does not have a pole or column in the centre.

If you have the space to play with, you really can’t go past the dramatic beauty of a helical staircase. Created without the central column, the helical stair has an inner and outer handrail,  plus it no longer has the narrow part of the tread that occurs close to the column of a spiral stair, both these features allow for two-way traffic.

The sculptured curves of this design appear to float from one level to the next, creating a fluid, sculptural feature.

The helical stair can be a beautiful piece of living useable art – an Architectural statement piece.

How does it differ from a Spiral Stair?

Spiral stairs are designed to rotate around a central column.

enzie® Spiral Stair

Whereas, a Helical stair has an internal ribbon balustrade in lieu of the column.

enzie® Stair Helical Stair

Why choose an enzie®  Stairs Helical Stair?

An enzie®  Stairs Helical Staircase is built from a hybrid of Steel and Timber allowing extremely tight tolerances and fine details. The enzie®  system is also entirely modular allowing components to be carried into awkward location without the needs for cranes or lifting equipment. Unlike many other helical stair cases that are delivered fully constructed and then need to be craned into place

enzie®  Stairs is one of the very few companies in the world to make a modular, easy to erect Helical Stair case. Our modular design allows our Helical staircase to can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Recently enzie®  Spiral Stairs shipped a Helical staircase to the USA, when our installers arrived onsite to start installing, they found that the builders, who had been so excited and curious had unpacked the treads and already installed them.

When asked why they had not waited they said we were just too excited and wanted to see if it really fitted together as you said it would. For the rest of the install the other trade kept popping past to see the balustrading and Handrail being finished.

As this job had been quite a large commission William travelled to the USA to make sure the architect and client were happy. In a conversation William asked the architect why they had chosen to go with enzie®  Stairs, an Australian Company from the other side of the world, to which the architect answered

‘When we did all of our research into companies that supplied Helical Stairs we found enzie® Stairs was the only company that we found with a modular Helical Stair system that met our requirements.’

enzie® Stairs Design and Construction

Like our Spiral stairs, the enzie® Helical Stairs we sell are designed by us; and it is not just the stairs but all the components are designed by us. All enzie® Stairs are customised to suit your particular needs and are modelled up in 3D for cutting, by our CNC computer controlled machinery. This enables cutting to an accuracy of 0.2mm.

A digital copy of the each custom made part, for you stair, is kept on file so that it for some reason, it needs to be remade, we can easily duplicate the original part accurately in the future.

Factory manufactured components -Not only do we have a physical address in Reservoir, but your stair is actually made in the Reservoir Factory. Plus, should you require extra parts, including custom parts, they are here, or are made, at the same factory in Reservoir, Australia so turnaround times are quick.

And Yes, enzie® Stairs is a fully owned Australian company, with a physical showroom and factory in Reservoir, Victoria.

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions by Enzie Stair’s Customers

Question 1 – How high can an Enzie Stair case go?

An Enzie Spiral Stair is made to suit your floor to floor height. There is no limit to the height you can go. However, the building authorities may require a landing every 18 risers.

Question 2 – Will my Enzie Stair comply with the building regulations?

The short answer is – Yes.

The longer answer is – The Building Control Accreditation Authority has determined that the Enzie Spiral Stair complies with the requirements of Clause DP2©, DP3 Vol1 and P2.5(b), P2. 5.2 Vol 2 as adopted by the Victorian Building regulations Registration Number V97/04, (providing you use a stair suitable for the application).

You can take advantage of the free design service we provide to help with this process,

Question 3 – What area of living space am I going to lose if I install an Enzie Stair?

The space taken up by an Enzie Spiral Stair will depend entirely on the size of the stair and the design that you choose. The space that the Spiral staircase will take up is reflected in the diameter of the spiral staircase. It should be noted that this space taken up on both floors. To determine the actual space used, you may use the free design tool on the website or our free design service. This will give you all the measurements you need plus a design of the layout on both levels.

Question 4 – Is a deposit required?

A deposit is not generally needed if you are purchasing one of our spiral staircases; however, payment before delivery is required.

If you are looking to purchase a Helical staircase a deposit will be required.

Question 5 – Is it a one size fits all kit solution?

No. Enzie Spiral staircases are modular in design, however each spiral stair case is custom made to order.

Question 6 – Can I install my Enzie spiral stair myself?

Of course! Any competent handyman or builder would be able to follow our installation instructions for our spiral stairs. Plus, help is always just a phone call away. Enzie also offer an installation service.

Question 7 – What type of footing will I need?

Timber and concrete floors are adequate (see our data sheets). External stairs may need concrete footings for both the column and bottom posts.

Question 8 – When is the ideal time to install my Enzie Spiral Stair?

As the Enzie spiral stair case is pre-finished, the best time to install it is after all the dirty trades are finished and the plaster, that is the fixing stage.

Question 9 – Is the landing supplied?

Internal Enzie Spiral Staircase landings are constructed from 90mm x 45mm pine framing with particle board on top. This material is not normally supplied unless Enzie has arranged installation. In this case the landing is fixed, but not lined or trimmed. Pre-fabricated steel landings may be used inside, but a template is necessary to ensure accuracy of the fabrication.

External Enzie Spirals staircases can be fitted with a timber landing as an extension of a timber deck or with a prefabricated steel landing.

Question 10 – Are Enzie Stairs Weatherproofed?

For external use Enzie Spiral staircases can be made from a few different materials. The decision on which material to use will depend on the external environment conditions where your spiral staircase will live.

Refer to the Enzie Fast Sheet Cleaning and Maintenance of Steel Spiral Stairs and ‘The Hostile Environment Article’ for more information.

Enzie Stairs – Made in Australia

A few weeks ago an Enzie customer came in to out new factory to discuss is stairs. Being ever so proud of our new factory set up William invited the customer out into the factory to watch his (the customers) own treads being cut on the computerised CNC machine. Needless to say said customer was blown away.

Wow, I thought that my stair was going to come in parts, shipped in from China! Was the customer’s reaction, I had no idea that you designed and made everything here in Australia, he continued.

These (the customers) comments were the inspiration for this article on how we design and construct  our products – right here Australia.

With over 45 years in the spiral stair construction business, we know our ‘stuff’. Though out this time Enzie stairs has created the a process that strives to give our customers piece of mind from the design process, though the production of the stair, and until the stair case has been delivered and installed. But wait there is more, we also offer a life time guarantee on our product. This Guarantee is not just lip service, our proven longevity in the business shows that we have been and will be around to honour this guarantee.

The Beginning

From the time you contact us for a quote, the design process begins. Understanding your needs, your price range and the purpose stair we set to work on designing the spiral stair case for you.

So we can give you your all important quote.

Design stage

Once we have all the information on your staircase and you have ordered your staircase. Enzie set to work on creating a 3D CAD file on all the parts that will be made (in our Australian factory), specifically for your stair. This information is key, as it is from this 3D CAD file, that our computer operated Laser Machine and CNC machine makes and/or cuts out many of the parts for your stair.

Having the ability to create this computer generated files also enables us to manage and store your stair information electronically so if we require this information in the future for any reason, we can access your file to re-produce any parts necessary.


Enzie stairs have invested time, energy and money machinery and technology to improve the accuracy and quality of their product, over the years. And are always looking for ways to improve and evolve their product and service.

It is with all the information produced at the design stage and from our 3D CAD computer generated paperwork that drawings and work orders are produced.  These work orders are then used in our Australian factory to create your spiral or helical staircase. As all Enzie Stairs are customised to suit your particular needs, we model your stair design in 3D for cutting, by our CNC computer controlled machinery. This enables cutting to an accuracy of 0.2mm.

Having the ability to manufacture and produce stairs and stair parts gives our customers piece of mind that should something get damaged on their staircase in the future, Enzie stairs will be there to re-produce any parts necessary, to repair their staircase.

Construction of our Spiral Stairs

The first Enzie Staircase was designed and by Bryan Mackenzie some 45 years ago. Wanting a Spiral Staircase and not being able to find one here in Australia Bryan Mackenzie set about designing a spiral staircase that suited his own needs. At this time Bryan also recognised that there was a gap in the Australian Stair market and Enzie Stairs was born.

The Spiral Stair design that Bryan created is modular and self-supporting.

This makes the staircase easy to transport, easy to install and if in the future you need to move it, it is easy to take down and re-assemble in another location. While our Enzie Spiral staircases are modular in design, each spiral stair case is custom made to order, to the customer specifications.