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Z Tread

The newest addition to the stable is the Z tread. It offers  offers an alternative closed riser design, a very substantial stair which can be used as a partition or to divide a room. The treads can be covered in almost any floor covering. The stepped appearance of the top of the tread is mimicked underneath adding to the style of the stair. The closed tread is great for people who want a more solid look to their stair.

Currently the Z Tread series is only available with the enclose balustrade. The most popular design from the universal range, the enclose spiral staircase is encased in aluminium which accentuates the spiral shape and provides safety and security. Choose between a solid wrap, a perforated wrap or you can express your individuality by having enzie® laser-cut a pattern or design into the balustrade. The only limitation is your imagination.

Stylish and secure, the Enclose wrap around the balustrade also gives you the opportunity to express your individual creative flair.

The enclose balustrade capitalises on the inherent safety of spiral stairs by wrapping a broad ribbon of aluminium around the structure. This helical shield  forms a balustrade that gives users an even greater sense of security. On the aesthetic front, the shield highlights the already fascinating form of the spiral stair and makes it even more of a sculptural piece that enhances the appearance of traditional or contemporary settings and provides a canvas on which you can draw up your own creation.


A wide range of decorator colours meets almost every decorating situation … blend the stair in a monochromatic scheme, dramatically contrast with bold colours or elegantly complement with stainless steel. To ensure durability the steel components are powder-coated with polyester paint and oven baked in the factory.


An enzie spiral staircase can be used in commercial applications however the code requirements and model availability  depend on how the staircase will be used. You can see enzie spiral staircases installed in Bistro Two Dozen in Melbourne, The Olsen Hotel, The High Court and various other applications. If you have a commercial enquiry we recommend you speak to William on 03 9481 2255

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