Universal Echuca

This new balustrade solution for takes simple square timber balustrade a turns them into an elegant shield. The timber balusters can compliment or contrast existing timber finishes,  are spaced close together to give the impression of a wrap around balustrade. For external stairs where privacy overlooking requirements call for a high balustrade enzie® can extend the balusters to any height.

The handrail  is round and can be made from 19, 32 or 38 mm steel or stainless steel or if preferred it can be supplied in 38 mm. On larger stairs (1880 and larger) you have the option of mounting the handrail inside and below the glass which is great for when you want to show off the tops of the timber.


The universal series of treads by enzie® offers an unparalleled range of options. The patented design consists of a steel frame which wraps out from the column of the spiral stair and out to the balustrade. This band of steel provides a sturdy streamlined structure in which any material can be inlayed to create a walk-able surface. Choose from: anti-skid comcork, Australian hardwoods, exotic marble, polished concrete, even toughened glass. The choice is yours. You can even supply your own material which allows you to match the materials used elsewhere on your build.

The universality of this tread doesn’t end there. The steel structure itself can be supplied in powder-coated steel, stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised. Hot Dip Galvanised steel has become a popular choice recently for internal and external stairs for its serviceability and style.

For internal stairs the universal tread’s steel work can be clad in timber, bamboo, stone or similar materials. The universal “boxed tread” gives you the strength and longevity of steel structure and the beauty of a tread made from the material of your choice.


A wide range of decorator colours meets almost every decorating situation … blend the stair in a monochromatic scheme, dramatically contrast with bold colours or elegantly complement with stainless steel. To ensure durability the steel components are powder-coated with polyester paint and oven baked in the factory. For more information about the finishing options available click here.


An enzie® spiral staircase can be used in commercial applications however the building code call for different geometry to that used in residential applications. You can see enzie® spiral staircases installed in Bistro Two Dozen in Melbourne, The Olsen Hotel, The High Court and various other applications. If you have a commercial enquiry we recommend you speak to us on 1800 035 078 as there are many factors to considering when specifying a spiral stair for commercial use.

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