Universal Enclose

Universal Enclose

The most popular design from the universal range, the enclose spiral staircase is encased in aluminium. This wrap accentuates the spiral shape and provides safety and security. Choose between a solid wrap, a perforated wrap or you can express your individuality by having enzie® laser-cut a pattern or design into the balustrade. The only limitation is your imagination.

Stylish and secure, the Enclose wrap around the balustrade also gives you the opportunity to express your individual creative flair.

The enclose balustrade capitalises on the inherent safety of spiral stairs by wrapping a broad ribbon of aluminium around the structure. This helical shield  forms a balustrade that gives users an even greater sense of security. On the aesthetic front, the shield highlights the already fascinating form of the spiral stair and makes it even more of a sculptural piece. This shield enhances the appearance of traditional or contemporary settings and provides a canvas on which you can draw up your own creation.


The universal series of treads by enzie® offers an unparalleled range of options. The patented design consists of a steel frame which wraps out from the column of the spiral stair out to the balustrade. This band of steel provides a sturdy streamlined structure in which any material can be inlaid to create a walk-able surface. Choose from: anti-skid Comcork, Australian hardwoods, exotic marble, polished concrete, even glass. The choice is yours. You can even supply your own material which allows you to match the materials used elsewhere on your building.

The universality of this tread doesn’t end there. The steel structure itself can be supplied in powder-coated steel, stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel which has become a popular choice recently for internal and external stairs for its serviceability and style.

For internal stairs the universal tread’s steel work can be clad in timber, bamboo, stone or similar materials. The universal “boxed tread” gives you the strength and longevity of steel structure and the beauty of a tread made from the material of your choice.


A wide range of decorator colours meets almost every decorating situation … blend the stair in a monochromatic scheme, dramatically contrast with bold colours or elegantly complement with stainless steel. To ensure durability the steel components are powder-coated with polyester paint and oven baked in the factory. For more information about the finishing options available click here.


An enzie® spiral staircase can be used in commercial applications however the building code call for different geometry to that used in residential applications. You can see enzie® spiral staircases installed in Bistro Two Dozen in Melbourne, The Olsen Hotel, The High Court and various other applications. If you have a commercial enquiry we recommend you phone our Advisory Line on 1800 035 078 as there are many factors to consider when specifying a spiral stair for commercial use.


An enzie® spiral staircase is a modular system that is customised to fit your space, design and budget. The measure design and quote process can be approached in two ways. For those who prefer a consultative approach we invite you to contact your closest enzie® representative or phone our advisory line on 1800 035 078 to discuss options, review your plans or arrange an onsite consultation.

For those who prefer to self-manage the measure, design and pricing process we have designed a  web tool that allows you to enter your site specific information, set your stair orientation, and select your preferred designs, materials and finishes. Of course you can contact us at any stage when using of the web tool to clarify an aspect of your customised design.

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1300 mm 1500 mm 1750 mm 1880 mm 2000 mm Custom

The curved nature of spiral stairs provides a handrail in front of you whilst moving up and down the staircase. Antiskid treatment on the tread prevents slipping. The safety of the system is endorsed by the Building Control Commission with an Accreditation Certificate issued under the BCA. Approval from Absac (CSIRO) further endorses the safety, design and quality of the system


enzie®‘s lifetime guarantee is your assurance of the enzie® commitment to quality and service. In the unlikely event of any defect becoming apparent in the enzie® stair due either to faulty material or workmanship, such defect will be rectified without cost to you for either labour or material by enzie® or its authorised dealers.
This guarantee is subject to conditions, ask your enzie® representative for more information


All enzie staircases are supplied with an installation DVD and full instructions. Installation of a 2.8 meter spiral stair and balcony railing should take approximately 1 man day for a competent home-handyman or tradesman. Assistance is only a phone call away on our Advisory Line 1800 035 078.


An enzie Spiral Staircase is designed to meet your exact requirements and is accurately designed to fit your specific space and to comply with the Building Code of Australia. We can design, fabricate and install your stair for you or supply you with a custom made kit for easy installation.

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