Glass Treads -Spiral Staircases

Glass Treads Spiral Stair

This brand new range of spiral stairs from enzie features glass treads with your choice of a balustrade made from laser-cut aluminium, stainless steel tube or glass. The handrail can be made from steel or timber.

Glass treads offering a look that is lighter than air

Glass treads allow the transfer of light through the stair and provide a light and open design. Balustrade options include those used in the Mac series, the Lucinda series and the Universal series.

The modular construction can be assembled to curve to the right or left of the central column. The staircase is available in any diameter up to 2400 mm

Benefits Of Glass Treads

Glass allows light to flow through the stairs, creating a very airy and luxurious dwelling. As natural light permeates the space, it produces different moods and forms a seamless transition between rooms. Glass can also be used in landings and “see-throughs” from one floor to another to add even more visual interest and drama. Glass makes a dramatic entrance. A staircase is a natural architectural centerpiece and often makes the first impression as one enters a home or business. Don’t miss the opportunity to make it spectacular!

Surface Treatment

A wide range of decorator colours meets almost every decorating situation … blend the stair in a monochromatic scheme, dramatically contrast with bold colours or elegantly complement with stainless steel. To ensure durability the steel components are powder-coated with polyester paint and oven baked in the factory. For more information about the finishing options available please follow this link.

Commercial Stairs

An enzie® spiral staircase can be used in commercial applications however the building code call for different geometry to that used in residential applications. You can see enzie® spiral staircases installed in Bistro Two Dozen in Melbourne, The Olsen Hotel, The High Court and various other applications. If you have a commercial enquiry we recommend you speak to William on 1800 035 078 as there are many factors to considering when specifying a spiral stair for commercial use.

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1300 mm 1500 mm 1750 mm 1880 mm 2000 mm Custom

The curved nature of spiral stairs provides a handrail in front of you whilst moving up and down the staircase. Antiskid treatment on the tread prevents slipping. The safety of the system is endorsed by the Building Control Commission with an Accreditation Certificate issued under the BCA. Approval from Absac (CSIRO) further endorses the safety, design and quality of the system


enzie®‘s lifetime guarantee is your assurance of the enzie® commitment to quality and service. In the unlikely event of any defect becoming apparent in the enzie® stair due either to faulty material or workmanship, such defect will be rectified without cost to you for either labour or material by enzie® or its authorised dealers.
This guarantee is subject to conditions, ask your enzie® representative for more information


All enzie staircases are supplied with an installation DVD and full instructions. Installation of a 2.8 meter spiral stair and balcony railing should take approximately 1 man day for a competent home-handyman or tradesman. Assistance is only a phone call away on our Advisory Line 1800 035 078.


An enzie Spiral Staircase is design to meet your exact requirments and is accuratly design to fit your specific space and to comply with the Building Code of Australia. We can design, fabricate and install your stair for you or supply you with a cutom made kit for easy installation.

Projects Featuring Glass Treads