Stair Details

  • Helical 3600/32
  • Vic Ash Treads and Risers
  • Closed Riser
  • Sculptured Soffit
  • 35mm Thick
  • Level 5 plaster, Painted
  • No Handrail

MPR Design Group
Sebastian Kaintoch, Kevin NG, Nasia Gregory, Brian Meyerson

The client, a builder, demonstrated openness to ideas and an adeptness in constructing intricate details and complex forms. The project’s scope involved designing a modern family home for a couple and their three children, situated on the northern side of the Bronte gully with sweeping views of Bronte beach and the coastline beyond. We strategically positioned the living spaces on the upper floor to maximize views and natural light, while the bedrooms were placed on the middle floor for enhanced privacy. The lowest floor encompasses a rumpus area that connects the garden and swimming pool to the house.

The fundamental design concept aimed to embody the concept of “prospect and refuge” within a contemporary family residence. The “prospect” referred to the ever-changing beach and coastal views to the south, influenced by the season, weather, and time of day. Conversely, the “refuge” represented a desired ambiance characterized by a quality of space that imparts a feeling of sanctuary, enclosure, and comfort.

To realize these dual aspirations, we developed two sculpted concrete forms, each tailored to its specific purpose. These forms, reminiscent of rounded tubes, exhibit independent characteristics, allowing the upper tube to gracefully twist towards the captivating view.