Spiral Staircase Details:

  • Universal 1300/12
  • Powdercoated White Satin
  • Engineered board tread inlays
  • Enclose Solid Balustrade
  • 19mm Handrail
  • Powdercaoted White Satin

Project Details:

Inside an exceptional heritage-listed building from 1928 in Elizabeth Bay, three new residences were established, each occupying its own floor. Drawing inspiration from the grace of the historic structure, the interiors were conceived with a refined touch of luxury. Through a complete overhaul of internal planning and the use of new materials, the goal was to create spaces that exuded a contemporary feel while paying homage to the original architecture. These residences possess an enchanting allure, characterized by striking interior spaces that offer captivating views of the harbor.


The upper floor residence had a small attic roof space that was only accessible via a ladder.  enzie was engaged to design and install a small spiral staircase. Due to the limited amount of space available a 1300mm diameter stair was selected. The Enclose balustrade provides an elegant shield and engineered Board timber inlays were used to match the flooring on which the stair sits.