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Stair Details

Universal Enclose 1300/12
Satin Black Powder-coat
Black Comcork Tread pads
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More Information

More Information:

When you find yourself looking over a three story drop when walking off your Roof Deck one certainly appreciates some kind of a barricade between yourself and the ground below.  The aluminium Enclose balustrade which wraps around the Universal series staircase offers this protection.

This job called for Spiral stairs to poke out from a balcony on the second level to spiral up to a wonderful Roof deck which afforded views to the Dandenong’s. Originally Classic H-S stairs were ordered by when enzie made a site inspection we could see how a stair which hung off a 3 story building would benefit from having a secure balustrade. The Universal Enclose balustrade feels fantastic and looks great jutting out from the side of the building.

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