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Universal Enclose 1500/14
Hot Dip Galvinised Steel Treads
Checker-plate/Floor-plate Treads
Powder-coated Balustrade
Stainless Handrail

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More Information

More Information:

This came about as we were designing the Enclose series and helped shape it’s design. Mode Design came to us and explained their stair brief for their Darwin Office. Mode Design are a multi discipline team of architects, urban designers, planners, project managers, interior designers, landscape architects and more. They have offices around Australia focussing on the West Coast and Northern region.

Their new Darwin office required a spiral stair which reflected the company’s image of being industry leaders. In addition the stair had to be very serviceable in Darwin humid environment and had to be accessible to a wide range of people form clients though to builders and staff. Finally they wanted a staff which would act as a barrier or privacy partition between people in the waiting room and staff in nearby offices and, of-course, they wanted a solution which was cost effective.

We suggested what was then the new Enclose designs which would offer the safety and security of a solid Aluminium wrap balustrade. We suggested making the stair from Hot Dip Galvanised steel with anti-skid checker-plate treads for serviceability and longevity. The balustrade was finished in dutiable powder-coated steel and the handrail from stainless steel so that it could take a beating without showing it.

The stair was sent up to Darwin as a kit and assembled by a local builder. The design was so new that it got there and was successfully assembled  before the instructions even made it!

The stair is now 4 years old and we’re pleased to hear that it looks as good as new.

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