Request a Quote

Would you like this drawing to form the basis of a quote? Easy. All you need to do is FAX this drawing to 03 9481 2255 or attach a ‘screen grab’ to your enquiry completed on the contact us page.
An estimator will then call you to confirm details and will take your design and turn it into a quote.
Of course we are happy to do all the drawing for you, just call our Advisory line on 1800 035 078.

Have enzie do the layout for you

Enzie has a quoting and sales process that gives you obligation free quotes and specifications. In order to prepare you with a quote we need to know a little bit about the site where you plan to install the stair and also the designs which you are interested in.

From plans, sketches, photos or and enzie organized site visit we need to establish what the walls or obstacles are on the upper and lower levels where you intend to install the stair. We also need to know the approximate finished floor to floor height. We also need to know what size stair you intend on installing or the size of the opening where you plans to install the stair. Finally if there and special requirements or restriction such as headroom on the upper level then this should be shares with your enzie estimator.

[swf src=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/designtool.swf” width=530 height=790]

As parts of the quoting process we provide a detailed layout of the staircase showing where the staircase will start and finish on the upper and lower levels. Accompanying this site specific information are data-sheets and fact sheets on the particular stair, or stairs which you have requested quotes on. We can also provide 3D models and photo quality renders of the particular design which we are quoting on, tailor made to suit the site where the stair will be installed. This gives you confidence that should you proceed to ordering that you know exactly what to expect.

Should you proceed to ordering we will require confirmation of site measurements. If enzie is arranging the installation for you then we will take responsibility for checking these measurements by sending out your installer to perform a final site check. If you are arranging your own installation then we can work with you to confirm all measurements.

Manufacturing takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the job. When the stair is in the final stages of production you will be contacted at which point payment can be made and installation or delivery ogainised.