Helical Stairs

enzie Helical Stairs

The enzie® helical staircase without a central column overcomes the narrow part of the tread that traditionally occurs close to the column of a spiral stair. This enhances the safety of the staircase. Safety is further improved by the addition of an inner handrail. The inner and the outer handrail curves around staircase guiding the users ascent and providing a secure barrier.

The charm of  a helical stair is self-evident, the wonder of the way it floats and holds itself up without wall fixings or bracings gives the appearance of a stair which purely flows from one level to the next

The view from beneath the staircase can be either stepped or sculptured as a curve. The sculptured elegance results in a distinctive high visual impact stair.

The steel core of the enzie® helical staircase enables the stair to be self-supporting without wall fixings or bracings. This structural member allows the diameter of the staircase to be scaled to virtually any size allowing two way traffic. A further benefit of this steel system is it’s ability to be used in internal or external applications allowing you to put an enzie® staircase just about anywhere.


  • Self-Supporting Structure

    The underlying steel core of the enzie® helical staircase allows your stair to project into a room without the need for props or wall support allowing your stair to form a sculptural feature.

  • Multiple Flights

    A limitless number of enzie® helical stairs can be placed above the next maximising the dramatic beauty and minimising spacial impact

  • Comprehensive Computer designed

    enzie®‘s system is designed using the latest modelling software which enables you to view 3D models showing options to help you with the design process.

  • Engineered precision

    The engineered enzie® helical stair is fabricated from steel ensuring a solid stair which is sound absorbing to walk on and ensures no bounce or movement

Balustrade Options

Aluminium Balustrade

The enzie® aluminium balustrade is offers the thinnest possible balustrade solution which maximises the effective width of your tread without increasing the overall size of the staircase. This balustrade can be supplied in your choice of colours and as a solid wrap, a perforated or a custom designed laser cut solution of your own creation. For  laser-cut balustrade ideas we suggest you explore the images of our smaller enclose series spiral staircase or talk to enzie® about the endless possibilities.

Timber Balustrade

Vertical timber baluster can be spaced almost touching resulting in a sweeping curve of timber. This material can match existing decking or other material used on the project. This balustrade can also extend up 1700mm to meet privacy/overlooking requirements.

Glass Balustrade

Our glass solution is an elegant balustrade of curved toughened glass which wraps around the staircase offering beauty and simplicity which provides the ultimate security while allowing light and minimal spatial impact.  Satin stainless steel fittings, machined steel and timber components and elegant detailing of the lucinda balustrade takes spiral staircases to the next level of quality and design.

Plaster Balustrade

  • Simply Seamless

    Absolutely smooth finish, No expansion joints, visible fixings or grooves.

  • Your Choice of Balustrade Thickness

    The enzie® system allows you the flexibility to specify your balustrade thickness ranging from a very thin steel balustrade or a plaster balustrade built to a thickness to match your decor.

  • Concealed Lighting

    Choose from a wide selection of LED lighting options with all wiring and fixing details concealed

Sized to Suit

  • Fully Adjustable Design

    Adjust the geometry to suit your needs and the project requirements. enzie®‘s 40 years of experience means that we know our way around the spiral stair code requirements and our 3D modelling service allows us to adjust and clearly communicate the parameters with you.

  • Stair Diameter

    enzie®  will work with you to match the stair’s diameter to the individual needs of the application

  • Tread Width

    The tread width can be increased to allow two way traffic. The thin balustrade available on the enzie® system allows for the tread width to be increased without increasing the overall footprint of the staircase. 

  • Tread Depth

    Our complex 3D modelling service ensures that tread depth is maximised but not at the expense of headroom or other spacial considerations.