This would have to be one of the most commonly asked questions. In short, yes. And no… and maybe. It depends on the design, size, and layout of the spiral staircase. The smaller the staircase the harder it is to move furniture up and down them. For example, you would struggle to move a double mattress up a small 1500-diameter staircase, but on a 3600mm diameter helical stair you could move a piano up and down it as effectively as you could on a traditional staircase. A scond consideration is the layout of the staircase and the walls around it. enzie has 40 years of experience without laying our spirals and will talk honestly with you about the pros and cons of all our staircase designs.

Finally, all enzie spiral stairs are modular and mechanically joined meaning that, if needs be, you can dismantle some or all of the balustrade to help you on the rare occasion that you decide to move the piano around.