enzie Space Saving Stairs

enzie® has been Australia’s best-known name in spiral staircases since 1974. We have won a string of prestigious awards including the Australian Design Award, BHP Award for Consumer Products and we were finalists for Prince Phillip Prize for Australian Design.

Award Winning Stairs

Established in 1974

39 years of spiral staircase Experience. enzie® space saving staircases

Enquiry to Installation

enzie® has a quoting and sales process that gives you obligation free quotes and specifications. In order to prepare you with a quote we need to know a little bit about the site where you plan to install the stair and also the designs which you are interested in.

From plans, sketches, photos or and enzie® arranged site visit we  establish

  • Plan of upper and lower level
  • Finished floor to foor height
  • Detail of the style of style of stair you are interested in

From this information enzie® provides you with a quote which details where the staircase will start and finish on the upper and lower levels and. In addition we can  provide 3D models and photo quality renders of the particular design or designs which we are quoting on. This gives you confidence that you know exactly what to expect when your enzie® installed.

Once an order is place we will require confirmation of site measurements. If enzie® is arranging the installation for you then we will take responsibility for checking these measurements by sending out your installer to perform a final site check. If you are arranging your own installation then we can work with you to confirm all measurements.

Manufacturing takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the job, expected lead times are confirmed on ordering.

Free Design Service:

enzie® stairs are happy to provide obligation free quotations for your project, we are happy to recommend the best stair for your project and design the best layout.

  • You can email, fax, mail or phone to provide us the information we need
  • Our trained enzie estimator can visit your site for an obligation free Spiral Stair design and quotation.


We have contractors trained as enzie installers in all capital cities and many provincial areas. All work is guaranteed by enzie®.

Lead Time:

  • Internal steel spiral stairs can generally be supplied within 10 working days of receipt of all details
  • External spiral stairs can generally be supplied within 15 working days
  • Optional extras such as timber overlays, curved glass, helical plaster stars panels can extend the lead time to 30-40 working days.


Bryan Mackenzie, fitter and turner, created an entire business with an idea in steel.

When Bryan Mackenzie decided to build a spiral staircase to the cellar of his home he had no idea he was building himself an exciting business opportunity. But his unique modular design was so simple and so elegant that he was soon making them for friends and 35 years later the stairs are used in all states of Australia and exported to many countries including the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, USA, Bahrain, Oman and more.

“Spiral Staircases have been around since the year dot”

Bryan is the first to acknowledge that spiral staircases are nothing new. The trouble is that the originals were made from stone while later structures were cast iron. What Bryan has done is brought the spiral staircase up to date in construction and price.

“It’s a wonder no-one though of it before”

enzie® helical stairs are completely modular and are built from tapered box and tubular sections of steel to create an aesthetically beautiful lightweight structure which needs no special foundation provisions.

“In your boot and up in a day”

The use of steel has resulted in simple, mechanical jointing details so that handymen as well as builders and renovators can assemble the staircase in a day. You can take the whole kit home in the boot of your car and fit it together with conventional nuts, bolts and allen screws. The staircase is made up to fit exactly your specific floor-to-floor height from stock components and spacers. enzie® spiral staircases are manufactured entirely from steel so they are not only durable but will never warp, twist or crack like conventional wooden stairs. It’s our guarantee.