Size matters

The starting point for any spiral staircase design is establishing the ideal size for the application. Sometimes this size is dictated by the fixed dimensions of an existing opening. For example, you might have an existing opening that is 1300mm x 1500 mm. In this case, as a rule, the smaller of the two dimensions will be the one that dictates the size of the staircase that you can install. In that example, an enzie 1300 spiral staircase would be the only option

Other times, the planning allows for the size of the staircase to be considered before anything is built that might restrict options.  As with most things, the best course of action is to speak to an expert, our obligation advisory line on 1800 035 078 is available to discuss your specific requirements. However general rules around considering which size stair to install, please note that these rules apply to Spiral Staircases and not the larger Helical Stairs

enzie spiral stairs are available in 5 standard diameters 1300mm, 1500mm, 1750mm, 1880mm and 2000mm. They are available is custom sizes from 1070mm up to 2600m. Stairs 1600mm or smaller are considered “Small Spiral Stairs” and have higher than usual riser heights which allow deeper treads that would otherwise be allowed.  Stairs larger than 1600mm have traditional riser hight and are easier to navigate when carrying things up and down.

Small Spiral Staircases

Small spiral stairs are absolutely fantastic when used appropriately. They allow safe comfortable access whilst taking up an incredibly small footprint. Think about a staircase only needing 1.3 meter x 1.3 meter opening to fit through, that’s almost ladder size but with the comfort of a staircase. That said if you were to have a 1300 diameter stair as the only access between your living rooms downstairs and 5 bedrooms upstairs then you would start to find it limiting.

Examples where small spiral staircases are a good option

  1. Lofts
  2. Access to one or two bedrooms
  3. Access to study or guest bedroom
  4. Access to from balcony
  5. Secondary access stairs
  6. Applications where space is an at an absolute premium, think Terrace House

Larger Spiral Staircases

When the space permits a larger spiral staircase is luxury. Enzie’s standard larder diameters are 1750, 1880 and 2000mm. As a general rule, you don’t get as much of a benefit in comfort going from a 1750 to an 1880 as you do from a 1500 to a 1750. The larger diameter stairs benefit from the advantage of having a lower riser height than the smaller stairs without sacrificing headroom or tread depth.

Larger diameter spiral stairs can be used as an alternative to traditional wider stairs without sacrificing ergonomics but whilst saving a considerable amount of space. A 2400 diameter stair gives you a tread width of over 1 meter and a tread depth of up to 400mm

Larger Curved Staircases

Should you need a larger stair than 2600mm then we suggest you move over the Helical Staircase which has the benefit of a built-in inner handrail